The Fairyland

Soar in a sigh of Bliss
Above the world of petals,
Just Peace, just ease, just breeze
Of freedom with no fetters.

Catch in the play awing
The laughing rays so careless
And with your soul sing
For all the free wings’ carols,

And rhyme your mountings’ rhythm
In wafts of inspiration
A verse shaped with the dream
Of fragrant winds’ elation,

In countless flowers sip
Their sap that sets you free
Drunk-winged with their wine deep
Of Immortality,

Uniting souls and wings
Soar with your kindred soul —
Love’s brightest ardour sings,
Wings both to merge their whole

And fills with bliss the flight
Of the two souls in oneness
For Love’s flute weaves so light
Their winged dance in the blueness—

Here all are ever free:
One radiant sun-winged race
Through golden Liberty
Soars in one Love’s embrace —

And everywhere is Grace,
Perfection, Freedom, Ease,
The Fairy-Mother reigns,
Queen of the Wonder-Bliss —

Just flitter, play, enjoy
In Liberty eternal:
The one Soul’s endless Joy
Blooms, a dream-space supernal —

A Marvel every sight,
The flower-vasts moon-blowing —
Just light, just flight, so bright
The hosts of wings sun-glowing…

That Wonder-realm, it calls,
Its magic beauty pouring —
Just light, just flight, no crawls,
No bonds, just freedom soaring —

The vasts of flowers gold
Sprinkled with dews of Love
Where butterflies sky-bold,
Light-winged, just soar above —

The blue-white Fairyspace
Beyond all fancies mortal
Where She reigns with Grace,
Goddess of dreams immortal —

The Sorceress of rays
Her charming tales light-weaving,
With tenderest orbs of Grace
All worlds, all souls reviving —

The spring of Love Her gaze,
Her visage beyond dreaming
As if Felicity’s face
In heavenly veils moon-beaming —

All hearts imbibe so sweet
Her laugh a tinkling carol,
Her cheeks gleam aureate
And bloom, soft petals spheral…

Are Her divinest lips
Beyond all wording, naming,
Just Love’s Bliss-Wisdom slips,
Drips from that rose flaming

Woven by Beauty’s dreams,
Whose deathless Mantras’ honey
In the word-kisses streams
The Soul’s fragrance sunny,

Whose golden currents laugh
With the suns’ glistening light —
The saviour hymns of Love
Washing away all night,

Rhymes out new worlds’ array
With Her Heart’s ardour tinged
Out of the rainbow play
Of fantasies sun-winged…

The Queen-Soul of blooming realms
Who the God-Reverie nurses,
Whose pollen of marvel-dreams
Sparks with Her secrets’ verses

On th’butterflies’ bright plume,
Whose flourishes of freedom
Rise the dull clay to bloom
The shoreless flower-kingdom

And spread so boundless
The breadths of the realms of Beauty
Where Spirit plays so countless
His wonder-roamings fluty

In one eternal Bliss
Writing Their oneness-epic
Of self-discoveries
As one with Her in epochs…

The Soul, the Virgin Belle
Of the immortal spaces,
Immensely beautiful’s
The Queen of universes —

The bottomless She-Love
Whose pure, tender fire
Rears the World-Hymn above
And drives us ever higher,

To all the souls sheds
Her Grace’s honey bright,
Her magic shining Spreads
Grows from the heart of Night…

That Fairyland of Bliss
Is ever so close:
In us that kingdom lives —
The deathless Soul-Rose.

The radiant realm She is,
Limitless, stainless, vernal,
To all She ever gives
Embrace of Love eternal.

In our hearts a star
Shines Her deep Face divine:
In Her you always are
Reaching your soul’s shrine.

No fear anymore,
No grief – just be! just fly!
Now you just soar in Her —
A bird, a butterfly!

Just bloom in Her embrace —
A flower of Her sun-art,
Her deathless honey-grace
Sip from Her God-Rose heart!

Ritam Melgunov

During my photo exhibition in Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
Pondicherry, India

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