Old-fashioned navy soul

I took my fingers away, you want it? Fine!
Wiped off your tricky-tricky number
Now finally you can erase mine.
Whatcha wanted find in my room in my head?
Whatcha wanna get to your cold iron bed?
My soul`s version too worn out so old,
Probably it`s from long-ago cold early spring 1592...
However you like the poor new copy
Dated four centuries later viz. 1992
Receiver got Green Poplar Tree half cutted,
Is it a top or it`s a bottom part?
Games for stalkering are completed,
So would you kindly take them fuckin' out.
I won`t never grasp, why you`re always looking
To the future not in present time.
Уou wanna be with who I will become
Alas not with those one am now I.
Gods truly left me here for searching
An investigation Hong-Ou-Mandel effect reasons
(Nothing to do with Berenstain Bears)
Then scout to tell all: it`s all a big prison!
Such as when you going wrong way
Or if you doing somethin' more wild
Lost in reality with the control lost above mind.
My whole life reminds a horrible game
Scum of all system crying over my pain
It`s named "Undertale" - well known 8-bit trend.
At least I really hope I`m not going to met
Ruthless creep "Flowey" THE BOSS in the End.