Phantom Road

1 couplet

The world is full of mysteries
And full of ideas
And a huge number of people
But there is a track
Long highway
Which gives a crack
And a great secret
And where are you!
As a result, you will get!

2 times Chorus:

Phantom Road !,
Which sees no one knows where,
Wheels disappear from the road,
Like the driver in it,
Disappears from its world,
Where he lived and disappeared
And did not come back,
And where he? Who knows!,
And only disappear!
Ghosts! Cursed souls of the earth !,
Phantom Road !,
Where there was a disaster!
Two souls and worlds!
And there was a hole!
Like a ghostly way !,
Out to where!

After chorus

Phantom Road !,
And without extreme,
The car rode endlessly
Drove and lucky!
In the ghostly !,
Damned world !,
Where are the dead souls!
Since sad times!
Where people died!
In the catastrophe of the world!
And waiting for you there!
Phantom, damn world!
On the road outside where!

2 couplet.

And no one knows
Where tightened,
Out the way
Which edges
What does the Earth conceal in itself?
Where the depths, deeper holes on the moon!
Like a hole in the soul and heart!
Here is a hole
Where you don't know
What you see
Or endlessly
Go forward,
In the ghostly world!
By the damn road of time!

2 times Chorus and so on.

3 couplet.

Stepping carefully
You will perish,
And don't follow him,
For without extreme,
The world of damned souls
And terrible catastrophes
To remember
Old scary
Past times
Accidents on the road
Evil souls! Here is a hole!

2 times Chorus and so on.

4 couplet.

Watch your back,
Do not be fooled
And drive carefully
After all, there are many secrets in the world
Which is coming
Solve ahead!
In the damned and ghostly,
World roads !!

3 times Chorus and so on.