Antonio Carlos Jobim

January 25th - Antonio Carlos Jobim's birthday.

Antonio Carlos Jobim - a singer, composer, songwriter, instrumentalist
Of a Brazilian descent and a Bossa Nova style originator and publicist.
Samba and Latin jazz blend, piano, flute, guitar and vocal execution
Became a domestic and international discovery, invention, evolution.

One Note Samba, Girl from Ipanema, Corcovado, Triste - famous hits
Antonio composed, performed with his unique rhythms, timing, bits.
Musicians, vocalists interpreted his music with novelty and tradition.
Jobim achieved his dreams, fulfilled potential and his music vision.

Antonio used to perform as solo and experimented with collaboration
Of various singers, musicians, while making it a music transformation.
Jobim had outstood with innovative style, professionalism, creativity,   
Making the genre widespread, full of music surprises and possibility.

January 25th - birthday of Antonio Carlos Jobim, a gifted professional.
A jazz giant had originated signature sound, while being inspirational.
We think of him today and always for his commitment, contribution.
A Grammy's winner, Jobim reached triumph within a music institution. 

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