Wordy Bliss

In the very end I'll amount to this-
There's no need to pretend;
There's nothing amiss;
Is there truth in disguise
Among black paper sheets?
Can you see the sunrise
Brightening rooftops and streets?

In the stories of present
I'll dwell with precision
On the petty space crimes
And love's precious collisions;
I will dwell on the feelings
Overwhelming and sharp,
Like tight and tense strings
Of melodious harps;
I'll describe without fail
The ring of wine laughter
And will surely unveil
Secret songs of hereafter;
I'll tell of the glistening
Wordy bliss;
Baby, please, listen
I won't start without kisses...

If one is to listen to the music chiseled between the lines a palpable irony could be sensed… Often the reader prefers to be amused and entertained rather than search for the truth or dedicate oneself to in-depth quest for the main gist and purpose of the verse or prose, not that there is anything wrong with that.
It is however, up to the author decide his/her goal in writing often regardless of the wishes of the audience… As they say: First, to thy own self be true! To me writing is akin to the endless quest for the Light of Truth… As a child often I used to wander on the beach looking for beautiful stones and mostly found rubbish… Seldom did I find something extraordinary… Such is the quest for the Spiritual Beauty, the Light of Truth… Though rarely you shall find it, the purpose of the quest regardless of the results, the Path to the Light are in itself worthy beyond measure…

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Mre, my all life seems to myself a maze, where I’m traveling, looking for signs and an escape. Verses don’t impose on the author the requirement of sanity. That’s why I write them. I have never regarded creativity as a weapon of Truth. Because Truth is too rough for the subtlety of creativity. In this respect I agree with Dmitry Bykov, who wrote: “Жизнь выше литературы, хоть и скучнее сто крат». I didn’t translate it into English, as can’t express it in a proper way...

Ириша Стародубцева   21.08.2018 22:58   Заявить о нарушении
Admittedly, your deliberations are rather thought-provoking and demand further study and examination on my behalf… My appreciation for your analysis is beyond measure, for in you I have found not just a fellow author but a vision traveler…

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