One thing Putin did at the meeting with Trump was to privately show him a blister pack of Phenazepam and ask:

Have you ever taken it and did it help with anxiety?

Trump gave Putin a warmhearted hug, kissed his forehead and said:

Vlad, I don’t know what anxiety is and I wish you didn't, either. In the US, Phenazepam is supposed to be really strong. The drug is illegal to prescribe, but people try to sell it as an air freshener, of all things, in those stores that sell tobacco and marijuana paraphernalia. They have a disclaimer on the package that says "not for human consumption” to get around the illegality of it, even though the people that buy it have every intent of using it.
You’d better stop being like them, Vlad. I am too much of an admirer of yours. Please don’t let me down. Now one for the road!

And he kissed Putin on the forehead once again.