Is my path right or wrong?

Is my path right or wrong?
do I represent dark forces or light?
I am tired of asking myself - why
I am always in search, torturing flesh.

If I could I would laugh all the time.
Well, at least smile more often than now.
I would be sincere , would't hide
what there is really on my exausted mind.

I am afraid  they'll see
how cinic I am in real life.
That my words are not true , but lies.
and my way is only a game.

I am constantly trying to think
My poor deeds are laying on scales.
Will they execute me for being frank?
I'd better be silent again.

You’ve raised a few cosmic questions in your poem: “What is right and wrong? Which path is to be chosen? What is my purpose in life?”

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The rest is in your private mail.

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