A Token of Freedom s a Bunch of Bitcoins

A token of freedom’s a bunch of bitcoins,
Some grains of wisdom and a mirror of love,
Regarding these features, whatever he joins
Will always be ominous and never enough;

He is never tired to be of importance,
To feel entertained and embrace huge success,
And it doesn’t matter
Where the false is;
Because he’ll embrace it nevertheless;

At difficult times he’ll turn to be fraudulent;
And will understand the knack of the trade:
Only pure lies survive in this barren land -
Count on fools to command the parade;

He will be a banker and play on the market
With insider knowledge and a strong alibi;
He’ll be a detective and investigate cases
That he himself triggered
And then bid them goodbye...

And when the times change,
He will be a pastor,
To stay out of sight and govern his flock;
But nobody;ll know the scope of his rage,
And his gusto,
Because all his trophies will be under locks;

He will be a charmer, he will be a mirage,
He will feel the winds and the spirit of time;
He will breathe in the insecure magic
Of joy, of forgiveness and adventure of crime!