The Temple of the Himalayas

In the blue deep soaring above the world
From the pure ether’s lofty white, behold,
Carved by the Gods’ immeasurable dreams
The Himalayas’ Fane eternal gleams.
The daring lines, the spans like wings in flight—
You are the Soul’s manifested might,
Your peaks aloft, your skyward-striving steeps
Reveal the Spirit’s aspiration-sweeps;
In the huge ridges’ enigmatic row
The godheads’ living faces boldly glow;
The sphinxes grand, the meditation’s rocks,
Keep the God’s mystery in the epochs;
The sacred pyramids’ upsoaring climb
Uplifts the soul to the heights sublime:
Up to an ever higher rapture’s call
Like steps to the supernal Source of all
The Himalayas’ Fane aspires in flight,
God’s reverie in the ethereal height.
O Spirit’s pure flame of white that shone
Into the solid light of the living stone,
Your grandeur’s face inspires the mortals’ hearts
To climb to the Immortals’ high ramparts,
To the white Timelessness’ unbound halls
To rise beyond the narrow earthly walls
And bring down from the architects divine
The dreams and deeds like summits mountain:
O Himalayan peaks, austere and grand,
Up to the sky arisen high you stand:
You reign above the world of crawling clay
Like architecture of the Gods at play,
A Scripture of the inspired mantra-crests,
You feed all souls’ sempiternal quests;
Amid the world’s uproarious fuss and noise
You are its highest and its holiest Voice,
The Spirit’s tablets above the earth’s years
Telling the secrets of the griefless spheres.
O Himalayas’ timeless Fane of white,
With the divine perfection so bright
You light the world and open to us
The gates to the sweet breadths of Paradise.
The summits’ dawns down to the nights you bring,
The skyey Veda-calms to the ages sing,
Show to the eyes peak-revelations steep,
Grow in the hearts flame-aspiration deep;
The triumph star of the souls’ sacred fight,
Your Fane fulfills their prayers for the height,
Unveils in them God’s hidden living shrine
And leads the world to the Victory divine
Inspiring all to climb to God along—
O Himalayas’ Fane, God’s Veda-Song!
O Himalayas’ Fane, God’s Triumph strong!

Ritam Melgunov

The poem was composed to the photo taken by the author in the Indian Himalayas. It is the sacred Nanda Devi Mt, one of the most sacred peaks of India and one of the most beautiful mountians of the world. It is considered the embodiment of the Goddess and Queen of the Himalayas. Its name means "The Bliss Giving Goddess". The legendary Nanda Devi is the second highest peak of India (7816 m). From this point of view one can see among its summits the huge pyramid and the two sphinx-like figures on both sides of it. It is a very mystic mountian!

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