Where i belong

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There is a place where I belong
I haven't found it yet
'tis not the place I was before
'tis not the place of now's bore
there is a place where I can get
a moment
right before too late
when cut the line on the right hand
and instantly renewed

There is a place where I belong
not midst the men
not midst the gone
there is a place of different lands
where you can only get on planes
or sail there
by boat

Where lazy stuff of tired mob
would not set foot -
there is my lot
a distant isle - there my plot
develops in a while

I guess this while is not that long
That until now I can't be wrong
There is a place where I belong
With those that I choose to know
There is my place
My rules
My joy
And therefore I go

The battling storms may block the way
The devil's mock - "what'd people say"
But nothing will break down my tone
I go there where I belong

There's been so many times I could
Just settle down
Kill the mood
Kneel at the hollowness and clay
Of lifeless golems - to obey
Oh, dear, nay!
The sails are set!

For night - we stay
We go at dawn
With hearts - anew to singing day
To get the place
where I