The Exilement Of Manticore 15. 02. 18

"Take me down
Down to the bloody shore
Dig me deep and leave me for evermore
Lay me down
Down with all of them
And forget me
Like you forgot the rest of them..."
   M.D.B. "A Kiss To Remember"

Oh, cursed be the day when I opened the door
To false to the bone devil's daughter!
I better should let in some small dirty whore
Than such an unlimited rotter!

The months we feigned friendship I gloomily thought:
"Too many discrepancies." Later
I grasped she's of bats in her belfry a lot
And worse - she's a natural delator!

She floated to me by the river of lies
And first I accepted it's funny
But then it's become more than I'd compromise,
Much more than the tar in the honey

Her last trick was something without e'en a name
And really beyond good and evil
She earnestly tried to stamp me with the shame!
...'Twould speak just the dictums uncivil...

You'll ask me how I'd be so terribly wrong?
But I was not. 'Twas the probation
My error is I have been waiting hard long,
The hope is my main aberration

And now I feel bad and disgustfully sick
Self-censured, self-blamed and self-chidden
The memories swarm in my head and they reek
Of death. All the world seems a midden...

My frightfully morbid but presaged mistake
Could I obviate or evade her?
The eyes of a seraph, the heart of a snake...
Which verge of Inferno have made her?

I guess, she was needed for me like a proof,
The heavy kick for my stark reason:
-If you lodge a manticore under your roof,
Your life may end in an ice prison

"Trust no one. Watch out. Always be on your guard"-
Thus augur my recent fate's warnings -
"See nobody cares but yourself and your God
So, shut up your wailings and groanings."

And 'bout the wretched traitress what else is to say?
The High Force will judge who's the causer
Yet everyone gets his deserved anyway
But this is no longer my poser