Why do you look at me like this?
Say,am I doing something wrong?
Without everyone I miss
I can't get with you along.

If we all needed life to die,
I wouldn't stop and want to breathe air.
But I will not breathe if I cry.
Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fair.

I don't need you as I need love.
Does it hurt to hear? I'm sorry.
It much hurts if it so behove.
Even if I die, don't worry.

There's nothing that needs me ever.
Do not try to make me happy.
I'm in depression forever
And I guess my death is sappy.

Why do you think I live easy?
Why do you think I feel so nice?
Look at me now. Am I breezy?
No? So is all you tell me lies?

Everyone's afraid of me now.
Is it all because I tell truth?
All their lies I won't allow .
Even if their lies could soothe.