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А. Сапунов
"Снилось мне"

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Falling snow –
I’ve got dreamed a night before,
Silence and a calm
came into lighted world
Silence and a calm and falling fluffy snow –
Sorry, it was a slumber,
nothing more

Tender cloud –
I’ve got dreamed a week before,
Slowly floating down
by the river shore
Cloud of tranquility here at the door –
Sorry, it was a slumber,
nothing more

Here in world where I was placed
I’m like uninvited guest
trying to reveal that silent quest

But here come gloomy days
with their stormy hungry daze
taking me once more in crazy race

End of sorrow –
I’ve got dreamed a mounth before,
All the lonely people
got long-waited glow
Smiling one to one,
met almost out of law
Sorry, it was a slumber,
nothing more

Looking for –
I’ve got dreamed a year before,
Looking for a happy end,
I’ve got this role
Role of just a happy man beyond this all  –
Sorry, it was a slumber,
nothing more

                25 Aug. 2017

на скорую руку слепленная похабненькая запись сего есть тут:

простите великодушно, теноровые партии не для моего басового баритона))

На это произведение написаны 4 рецензии, здесь отображается последняя, остальные - в полном списке.