We met by chance in late November,
And had a chat, do you remember?
You disappeared in December,
And gave the promise to be back.
To countless days I do surrender,
But when they end? Go on forever,
And silent is your mobile number,
But faith in you is still intact.

I know your name but nothing else,
And when you speak it makes much sense,
Your hands that make my worries melt,
And lips that love me when you talk.
I wish I knew what happens next,
And wouldn’t settle for much less,
So answer this, relieve my stress
Will you come back for me or not?

I want to tell you how I missed you,
And after all we’ve both been through,
Complain how much I longed to kiss you,
And how cold could be my bed.
You have someone to go back to,
If you believe that dreams may come true,
Until we meet again I swear to
Relive our memories in my head.