Leave me with my silence

I beg you, leave me with my silence.
Don't say a word, don't ask a thing.
Just play it cool - it's not a virus.
Don't make me laugh - you never win.

I might be so OK tomorrow,
Or in a week - you never know.
Have mercy - leave me with my sorrow.
It's not because I cease to love.

Do not destroy my gorgeous fences!
Don't awe that grief's a deadly sin.
Let me enjoy my fading sences
Coming alive as buds in spring.

Don't keep me please from midnight strolling,
Enraptured gazing at the stars.
I'll reapper in the morning
(If noone gives a lift to Mars).

I'll hum a song to get the courage,
And then - look out of my shell.
Reflections are a heavy luggage -
The madnesses I'll never tell.