A rainbow that shines like a star...

If it's something you've dreamt of?
Your life is now full or are you just asking?
Is your love full or something instead?
You can't sleep cause you're already dead...

You should wake up, you can't hide all the time
You want to listen but you're swimming in the silence...
Somebody please help me
This emptiness is crushing me...

Our sweet love is so over
Nothing to hide nothing to lose
This sorrow is just poisoning me inside
So slow... But so right...

It's not fair why me?
I want my bright days to start over...

I pray please don't give up
Trust me you have so much to share
Your universe inside has no boundaries!

Let's run so so fast
To the raining blessing God's hug
Someday we'll dissolve in the air
Feel the past
Now nothing will catch you...
No fear
Always remember you were and you're
A rainbow that shines like a star...