To Woman

Dear Women, I have written this poem originally in Russian and dedicated it to all women to inspire them to manifest more and more their true Womanhood. Now I have translated it into English. Let it awaken in you more inspiration and power to live, to love, to enjoy, to create, to be!


You think you’re weak, not brave?
And fear erodes you, stings?
Know then, you’re not a slave —
Feel your upsoaring wings!
The spell of bonds dispel,
Shake off all disbeliefs
For the worlds’ Queen and Belle
In your deep soul lives!
Trust in yourself and know
You can do everything!
Your Spirit’s world-wide flow
Fills every being and thing,
And all this cosmic dance
Whirls by Your Soul’s dream,
The galaxies’ romance
Is just Your fancy’s gleam:
The space-dreams’ flight-expanse,
The suns’ grand flaming hymn
Is Your eyelashes’ glance,
A waft of Your Love’s winged whim…
Recall then who you are!
Remember You are free:
You speak the worlds bizarre
For Being to fill and be;
You are the One to whom
The orbs’ seas sparkling storm
For Your transcendent womb
Emits the starry swarm;
Hear! — all the sounds’ choir
Of You alone can sing,
O World-Belle to admire
Whose Eyes so tender bring
To all the hearts Your Grace,
Who weaves the cosmic Chant:
The World’s a living Space
Of Your Love’s Temple grand!
Trust in yourself and dare —
Leap o’er the mind’s rim!
Borne by Love’s world-wide air,
You’ll dart into your Dream!
Trust in yourself and see
The shoreless sweeps before:
In the World-Being free
A soul chainless soar!
Breathe in the utter trust
The Love’s bliss-ether whirled,
Fly through the Garden vast —
Through the One Soul’s World!
Feel with your heart the wings
So free to dash above —
Borne by their mighty swings,
Soar with the one you love!
Forget all fear and thrall! —
The World is Love and Light!
Be fathomless in all
For You are infinite!
The All-Soul carries you
In Her unending Being —
You’re in Her, She’s in you:
You can do everything!
Forget to drowse! Be free!
Through all the fences hew!
Remember you are She —
No bars can bound You!


Translated: 22.05, 03.06.2017

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