We, Women

We, women, have to stick for one another,
To really care rather than just pretend,
To never steal a husband and a father,
To never pick a date over a friend,
To give a hug when PMS is vicious,
To give a call and share some helpful tips,
To hide the cake, no matter how delicious,
Because it's going straight into our hips.
To give a drink when things are getting sour,
To hide a drink when clearly it's enough,
To teach, inspire, guide, support, empower,
To have each other's back when life is tough,
To give advice,  both helpful and sincere,
To really be there, not just be in touch,
To help young girls pursue their dream career
To fix each others' make up when too much,
To always help each other look attractive,
To tell when there is something in the teeth,
To be straightforward, honest, and objective,
To help each other see what is beneath.
I know that we're competitive but rather
Than push away, each other we should hold.
We, women, have to stick for one another,
And that's one way to really change the world.