Ellie Balsham s songs

5.4.2017 - 6.4.2017
Great Britain, Nottinghamshire

"Ellie Balsham's songs',
Poems by Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin

Ellie Balsham's song,
About Lancelot Almurr Sysse!

Some men may be honest,
Some men may be brave,
Some men may be gorgeous,
Some are kind, tender men!

Just Lancelot Almurr Sysse
is so rude!
He threw me from his home
to walk to a wood!

Some may are as Lions,
Protecting all girls!
Some men will give money
to survive in a warm home!

Just Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude!
He threw me from his Castle,
- Good bye! No returns!

I had tried to be
And an attractive, and a kind!
I tried everything! With
My hope to be his wife!

But Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude!
He threw me from his Castle,
- Good bye! No returns!

I sew plenty holes
into his clothes for him!
I cooked tasty food
to feed him and me!
I danced! I sang songs!
I smiled!
I kissed him everywhere!

But Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude!
He threw me from his Castle,
- Good bye! No returns!

He said me: as a secret:
- O, would be so nice!
To have a sex with you
And your other neighbor,
as three of us!

He said me: - I would marry
on you, My dear Friend,
But you are so poorest!
so, definitely,
this the end!

I cried, I dreamed
about the love, to be a wife!
But nothing had happened!
me is a single and the one!

Oh, this Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was so rude with me!
He threw out me from his Castle,
- Good bye! Never back! No returns!

He said me:
- My grandson will marry soon
on this, a pretty blond young woman,
from some richest old surname.

Oh! Oh! My dreams, the weddings!
But some another girl
will stay in her nice wedding dress
as pretty white blossom.

And when they all to go to the church
Or to a wedding table.
It will be no place for me to be here
with Lancelot Almurr Sysse together!

So, say, was I so really stupid and fool
Making a food for him?
You know, he named my kindness to him:
- You are so cheapest and fool!

Say, why this, as a woman
whom just wants a love
whom is kind to share her food
and her luck,
named by richest with hate:
- She is so a cheap!
- No money! No a husband!
- No savings!
- Hee! Heeks!
I loved, but this Lancelot Almurr Sysse
was cold, dry, and rude!
He threw out me from his Castle,
- Good bye! Never back! No returns!

Ellie Balsham's song
About The Love

The Love is Your Load
to care all life,
Sometimes may be heavy
Sometimes as a light.

Sometimes is so painful
as cuts with bloody wounds
to pass all, surviving
before to start to fly.

I hope, believe,
as one day with some wings,
people as angels
will fly on the sky.

That it will be another
World, much more kind,
with a soft tenderness
to each to survive.

The love is a feeling,
As a rainbow on the sky,
Where so plenty colours,
To make to survive.

And one as not a loud,
near to a silence, it would come
to be back to own soul,
To say: - I am back!

The Love is The One,
The Love is The One,
The Love is The One -
Our Star on The Sky!

Ellies Balsham's song
About Lancelot Almurr Sysse, Badly Song Memory

Some Knight was Lancelot,
and plenty time ago.
He was a famous man for all,
and richest, bravest, strongest.

He had his dreams,
which were as a star,
to move to find,
looking to a sky.

And as he had looked far away,
He had not notices eyes
of woman in a love near
to him.

O, so plenty women loved him a lot!
With their strongest hope
for a luckiness, to be his wife!

But no their attempts, no kindness,
or characters, no the beauty
had him stopped to notice
of someone

He loved just really big money,
To be rich, to have a gold,
He loved his way of jokes:
Syssee - Sise - Le Murrs!

He liked to try to do
The woman as a prostitute:
- See, you will be so rich!
And drunken! and with friends!

- To make a sin so easy!
As tra-la-la, or tramps!
To laughed:  - so funny
To put the dirty bowl of poor
on someone's head!

He laughed, closed his mouth:
- He-he! He-he! I lied!
I will say some lie about
you, to all my friends, all times!

He blamed me: - Never listen
What I will ask to do!
Because this play, which is funny!
To round you not be a good!

- Syssee - Sise - Le Murrs!
Amur! A'mur!
All tommy-cats just wanted
the same,
some are some,

Some men do not wanted
or pretty girls,
at all.

And all your love
as a joke style
for them: - See!
She tried well!

And after all,
no trusted
no one
to be as a man.

You love not males,
but something,
You love.
You live.
And one.

The wonderful World,
The nature,
And tasty food,

By  Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin (Inna Tiggi)
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин (Инна Тигги)

"Ellie Balsham's songs'
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