The mirror image of yourself surrounded by people

The mirror image of yourself surrounded by many people
In thoughts and actions since you were very little

You are upside down covered by black spots coming from your thoughts
About people who may be known only to the Internet bots

The bots can keep it quiet in the networks of billions sharing their desires
With indifferent machines that cool down night dream fires

About a drink, and maybe more during the nights of Van Gough’s stars
That are like magnets in the windows of the street bars

Where you meet with other minds lost in the thin air of hope
Running away from their daily rope

To the random stranger's forgiveness from the powerless of bitterness
In the crowded places, it makes the difference

Your name is called again in the morning
In the Starbucks with coffee, you get a new warning

Last night was just a dream inspired by randomness that life throws
And by reflections of the strangers that your home mirror shows