You are the Sys Admin

You hear sound of the whip,
The UNIX admins, bleep bleep bleep,
There is no stopping at the pit,
You feel no hands, you feel no feet.

And on the corporate plantations
You’re not looking for the salvation,
You rise with skills for the occasion
And you keep focus, don’t lose patience.

You work, like there is no hope,
Like all your money on the rope;
And, boy, the hard-earned “dough”
Conforms with every Murhphy’s law.

“If anything may break, it will”
It’s a-priori truth, so chill.
You dig the dumps, you iron laces,
To find root cause, cover basis.

You make shit happens, like tooth fairy,
You’re “Best Practice” emissary,
And if the troubles are partaken,
You drink them stirred, you eat them shaken.

You fix, you solve, you interject,
And that what customers expect.
And after long and sleepless night,
You’re ready for another fight!