Midnight Of Shooting Stars. in memoriam 13. 08. 16

In-shore the white fog palls the river
Enwraps the beacons - distant... sparse...
The moonlit waters gleam and shiver
At midnight of the shooting stars

These wooded hills, these fields of heather
The cliffs, the mountains and the bays...
No more we'll look at them together
For you too soon have closed your days

Expired you rest beneath the marble
Sometimes I still dream it's not true
But do remember every trouble
And all the sorrows we've been through

For years we countenanced each other
Against the state whores, jerks and ghouls
We mentally were different rather
But jointly broke the foolish rules

When I was lost and deadly lonely,
Forsaken like a desert tomb,
You were my friend and healer. Only
You understood my inmost gloom

Though now this gloom is not appalling,
I stand in mourning o'er the brae
And fancy every starlet falling
Implies another soul away

Dedicated to my mother (1956 -2013)

...letum non omnia finit...

Photo from Pics Art collection.