You're covering everything...
And like white haze of dream
I pass through emptiness
To the bodyless bliss's world...
There's scare nothing -
...Universe immobility
Just images and thoughts,
And voices calling from outside.

Why are you call for me?
I don't come back...
To the world full of pain
and lies...
What all this for?!
It's just...An illusion...
Broken dreams -
splinters of dreams...

You're cold and pale
Your face has no fatal bottom
In moonlight.And blood
Doesn't cool off,hear screaming...
You're perfect...You' ideal -
You'd never known the decay.
The bared teeth of musk is frighten fools,
But you're not the emptiness - you're never to be forgotten!..

You're coming,
As the result of everything:
Of all joy,torments
and torturees...
You're dissolving
Everything in impersonality:
You have no rebukes,no evil
and doubts...

CHROMONDEAD '1995 Hear the scream