Feeling Killer

Verse 1

Don't wanna be right
Don't wanna be wrong
I am a knight
I am so strong

Tired of pride
Glamour and lies
My sword will slide
Crossing the sky

Wanna know why?
I'll tell you 'cause
Feelings of mine
Are just a pose

Useless attempts
Paper ideals
Wanna forget
How it all feels


I'm a feeling killer
I'm your soul stripper
Come to me and love me
Throw your feelings into
Universal oven
Start a program chosen
Come to me for healing
Incinerate your feelings

Verse 2

I long to be wrong
I long to be right
Ride in the night
One of a kind

Perfect ideals
Endless attempts
Too much to feel
To understand


Очень приятно было прочитать.

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