Verse 1

My friends keep telling me
You're not the one
I keep on lying to them
I am alone

This summer is going by
Like many other
I'll go on the other side
To return next autumn


I'll never let you know
How hard it all could be
If I kept telling you
The sweetest words


I could live without you
I could dream without you
I could work without you
I could sing without you

I could run without you
I could sail the sea without you
I could drink without you
I can't love without you

Verse 2

My kitchen is a place
Where I can think it over
I can cook my cake
And be so happy with it

Now's the time
When I should say
I don't know what
I can't explain it


Probably I love you
Something gives a new curl
Beautiful as dawn in June
And clear like pure water