The Path Defined 06. 12. 15

Epigraph:    “Ich schreie ins leere
Denn der Inhalt meiner Worte
Versinkt in der tiefe meiner Einsamkeit“

It's finally happened - I did the big wrong -
Have brawled with the dear girl I loved very long
The sort of our dissidence still seems the same
But this time except me there's no-one to blame

I guess, it will be the well-grounded  excuse
For her to ignore me, upbraid and accuse
'Tis not the first case - one more stone for my vault
But unlike the former it's only my fault

My sweetheart has fled again... what can I say?
"I'm terribly sorry" means none anyway
I merely may suffer - dejected and spleeny
And pray to the patroness named Saint Irene

It looks insignificant, trifling and trite -
My innermost world's in the nightmarish plight
The heaviest memories drag me so low,
That I wish to crawl out and die in the snow

Perhaps, my own sadness is nothing and less
Compared with the stuck in the bloody morass
Oh yes, human race turns to zombies and ghouls
And now our home earth's but the planet of fools

...I wake up and see the cold distance at night
Such moments smell death - they appall and affright
I miss my desired and I pine for my mission
Its absence redoubles my exinanition

My lady should  know: I'm the man of the kind
Whose path in the gloom is completely defined
Though I heard the Black Reaper's sinister voice,
I'll yet try to keep my grim sorrows in poise

And mentally wandering through the ice wild,
I let myself hope we'll become reconciled
'Cause all the deep darkness in which I've been rested
Has shown me: my true love remains uncontested

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