The New Day

Lo, the Sun of gold
     Lit the clouds’ brows,
A new Day soars bold
     The whole world to rouse —
A new world’s outbreak
     From a distance bright
Hurrying to awake
     The Earth-Soul to Light.
“O You, Earth, arise!” —
     So his trumpet sings, —
“A new Dawn spreads blithe
     Over you her wings!
A new Dawn reveals
     A new Light of gold,
A pure shining bliss
     For the whole wide world!
In that Dawn there chants
     A new Hymn of Gods,
With that Dawn now comes
     The glad end of bonds,
Sorrows’ splendid end,
     Night’s to Light rebirth,
Godhead’s crowned descent
     To the life on Earth! —
“Earth, then burst your chains!” —
     So his trumpet rolls, —
Mountains and plains
     To the Sun he calls,
All earth-beings he calls
     To the gold-lit skies,
To the blissful worlds
     Where all sorrow dies,
Where the golden Dawn
     Always sweetly flames,
Where all pain is gone:
     Love triumphant reigns…
O New Day, come, shine,
     Godhead’s message bright!
Oh, bring down the Sun
     To the world of night!
Oh, bring down the Sun
     To the death’s terrain,
With the Sun in man
     Conquer death and pain!
Let the golden Dawn
     Light the sorrow’s vale,
Let the planet’s morn
     End with song its bale!
In the Godhead’s Face
     To the dark world blaze!—
All implore, all pray:
     Flame, O Golden Day!



Translated into English
from my original poem in Russian

Sri Aurobindo Ashram,

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