Julie London

September 26th – Julie London’s birthday. In 2015 there is 89 years since she was born.

Julie London – a talented actress and singer of jazz and pop.
She’d never given up on dream, moved towards it nonstop.
Julie had captivated with poise, glamour, beauty, sensuality,
Distinctive style, kind soul, willed & determined personality.

Mezzo-soprano sultry voice, stage presence were enchanting,
Many colleagues’ and fans’ hearts, souls and minds affecting.
London’ voluptuous and seductive looks, stature & demeanor
Brought her much fame, and fans – delight, excitement fever.

She had performed in a recording studio, club, on television,
Having fulfilled her predetermined calling, dream, ambition.
Julie was known for her natural talent, skill implementation,
Unique individuality, versatility, taste, overall sophistication.

September 26th – birthday of Julie London, true star forever.
She had succeeded in each of her singing & acting endeavor.
Julie’s remembered to this day for her priceless contribution
To entertainment culture, performing arts, field, institution.

Copyright©2015 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet