To a Butterfly

O marvel-grace in play
At paradisal leisure,
Your skyey wings, so gay,
Blaze with the heaven’s azure.

Just in an instant's dream
Stilled in the Eden’s blossom,
You’ll slip, a fleeting beam,
Off to the sun-vasts gladsome…

So beautiful and light,
You free our heart from care,
You taste a bloom’s delight
And soar, the bloom of air!

O beauty azure-winged,
So airy and endearing,
You call us, heaven-tinged,
To search a flight sky-daring —

You flitter so blithe
Above the earth in freedom
And call our hearts and eyes
Towards the skies’ blue kingdom…

O heaven’s beauty free,
Blue-winged, — from our crawling
Perhaps with you can we
Fly to the sky so calling?—



Pareronia Valeria. Eng. Common Wanderer.
Photo location: The Himalayas (India)

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