My Fading Wafts Of Verve 04. 06. 15

Yes, dark is the matter enfolding my world
She keeps the clandestine paths where I've been strolled
For twenty long years she embraces my essence
And not a false light can change her omnipresence

Opaque is the silence enwrapping my mind
And though my death-hour is yet not assigned,
It claims too much strength to beget a confession
In this cold despair, in this void of depression

I start to hate summer for its nasty clime
it's 'cause now my youth's but the ashes of time
Today I have no more strategical missions
Just somewhere inside swarm the grim premonitions

My dear woman... She still a lot means for me
My thoughts hold the scenes of our passionate glee
But I know: whate'er I can do or can tell her,
She'll quit me again here a loneliest dweller

We can fall entwined in the warm ardent night
And share Love like I in my rhymes did indite
But my soul... it's into the blackness receding
My wounded heart mourns and my destiny's bleeding

That's why I don't hope for the good anymore
The earth's full of lies and the horrors of war
In anguish the truth's not the thing that assuages
The Book of Life outflows with tears from its pages

So what can I add if my star has declined,
I live my last decade and all humankind
Degrades (I guess, even the gods did not plan it)
As Deymos and Phobos are ruling our planet?

The echoes of my own vitality fade
The evil accrues. It will grow and pervade
And floating away with the Lethe's mute rafter,
I leave the unwritten for those, who'll come after