Hazel Scott

June 11th – Hazel Scott’s birthday.  In 2015 there is 95 years since she was born.

Hazel Scott – a gifted classical/jazz pianist & singer, true star.
She started her career very young, moving successfully afar.
Her entertainment style along with perfect pitch, musicality
Had constituted Hazel’s versatile & distinctive individuality.

Repertoire included ballads, blues, jazz, boogie-woogie, pop,
Which she had taken to next level, kept going & did not stop.
“Hot classicist,” Scott gained recognition, popularity, acclaim.
1st African American TV show owner reached praise & fame.
A multitalented, achieving Black female vocalist, entertainer,
A willed persona, challenges overcomer, resilience sustainer,
Scott played few instruments, sang with warm, soothing voice.
Career she initially selected seemed as a natural, wise choice.

A musical virtuoso, genius, Scott had played piano with finesse.
Her blend of classical and jazz music could capture and impress.
Ability to shift between musical styles and own interpretation
Made her appear daring, versatile, eclectic & witty to mention.

Exuding elegance, beauty, charm, sex appeal, glamour & glow,
Hazel enchanted with determination, confidence, drive, flow.
As independent minded Scott fought for freedom, civil rights.
She had impacted fields of politics, society & performing arts.

June 11th – birthday of Hazel Scott, lady of class, sophistication,
Who earned her worldwide fans respect, love and appreciation.
Scott is remembered for fulfilling own calling, dream, ambition.
She proved how realistic could be implementation of a vision.

Copyright©2015 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet