Uma Thurman

April 29th – Uma Thurman’s birthday.

Uma Thurman – a talented actress, who has achieved much popularity.
She’s manifested courage, will, determination to succeed, star quality.
Uma has outstood in drama, science fiction, comedy roles and action.
She’s reached her lifelong acting dream, receiving reward, satisfaction.

One of the Hollywood sex symbols, Uma exudes femininity, sensuality,
Natural charm, grace, beauty, husky voice and a distinctive personality.
Thurman’s commitment to her craft, intelligence, resilience & dignity
Have captivated audience along with acting talents & skills versatility.

Throughout her career, Thurman’s gained praise, respect and acclaim.
She’s rapidly achieved domestic and international recognition & fame.
Professional & gifted, Uma keeps moving forward, honing & evolving.
Colleagues and fans have been appreciating her, admiring and loving.

On April 29th is Uma Thurman’s special day, a birthday celebration.
May life be filled for you with happiness, joy, harmony, inspiration!
Thank you for your activist & philanthropic efforts and contribution
To entertainment, motion picture industry, field and/or institution. 

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