My princess

When all your restless thoughts and your dreams appear,
When your big castle melts in the sleepless night...
My little princess,
there is no room for fear -
Please, let me be your knight.

When you feel worthless, down, abandoned, ill,
When you get lost for an hour in space and time,
Know that your words have power to cut and heal -
Please, let me be your rhyme.

When there is tenderness seen in a subtle smile,
But all the demons are shining through silky skin,
I see your lips and I'm carelessly going wild...
Please, let me be your sin.

When you are leaving freedom and home behind,
When the adventure seems to be hard and long...
My little bird caged in her aching mind,
Please, let me be your song.

My little princess...
You are so young, so green,
Let me inside your heart to get high and lost.

But if your castle still has no room for me,
I'll become your...


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