Jennifer Garner

April 17th – Jennifer Garner’s birthday.

Jennifer Garner –a gifted film, TV actress and producer,
Her own abilities, ambitions, skills implementer, user.
Romantic comedy, epic war, drama, thriller and action –
Genres she tried, receiving positive feedback, reaction.

Jennifer has succeeded in leading and supporting roles.
She always strove, stayed focused on set career goals.
Garner’s consistent effort & persistence led to declare
Her individuality, promoting which she’d simply dare.

Jennifer’s ballet lessons, acting training and martial art
Surprised her fans, sometimes catching them off guard.
Garner touched & influenced people all over the world.
We’re happy to observe how her acting had to unfold.

Garner rapidly reached stardom due to determination,
Willpower, charisma, versatility, intelligence & passion.
Jennifer earned critical praise, recognition, popularity
For talent, charity & sweet, vigorous, kind personality.

April 17th– birthday of Jennifer Garner, wishing all best
In overcoming al life’s challenges & pursuing own quest.
May you blessed with happiness, peace and inspiration!
Please do enjoy your special day, a birthday celebration.

Copyright©2015 Mila Alper

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