The Right Love

I’ll never be a housewife,
I’ll never be a full-time mother.
This isn't how you see your life,
So leave me now and do not bother.
I need to constantly create,
My mind is in the wrong dimension.
So leave me now before it’s late.
Yes, leave me now or never mention
That I don’t love you as I should,
That I don’t listen and space out,
That you cannot predict my mood,
That you don’t know what I’m about.
I would have listened if I could,
But muses in my head are loud!
I mean it! Leave! I am no good!
My head is always in the cloud.
I cannot love you just part-time.
When I said leave, I really meant it.
It would be such a sinful crime
To keep you constantly tormented.
Trust me, we’re better off apart.
I’m a bad girlfriend. Time has shown.
I say it with a heavy heart,
 But I am bound to be alone.
Though, if you’re in this, too, of course,
And understand my crazy mind,
And if my muse is fond of yours,
Our souls sure may get intertwined.
And then together we shall thrive,
Raise artist kids, critique each other.
If not, I’ll be an awful wife,
And never be a full-time mother…