I Am in Love!

"What makes you so rambunctious and so wild?
And what makes you not care what others think?
What makes you hyperactive like a child?
What makes you go and dance without a blink?
What makes you so upbeat and so excited?"
I'm asked by those who do not know me well.
"What are you on? I would have gladly tried it!
Are you in love?" I am! Why, can't you tell?
I am in love! I will not even hide it!
In love with life! With every breath I take!
And with the way my heart one day ignited!
I am in love and hence I am awake!
I am in love with my creative brain
And with an opportunity to write.
I am in love with being this insane,
Spontaneous, fun, obnoxious, but polite.
I am in love with always standing out,
With starting my uniquely own trends.
With those who trust in me without a doubt
And are, of course, my family and friends,
I am in love with coffee in the morning,
With milk, and sugar, and vanilla smell.
I am in love. And every day I'm learning
How much I love my every single cell!
I am in love with poems that I've written
And with a portrait that I made of clay.
I am in love with Princes of Great Britain,
And one of them is single by the way :)
I am in love with cakes with cream cheese topping,
With avocados and with mango juice.
I am a woman. I'm in love with shopping
And buying things I'll never ever use.
I am in love with roles I get assigned.
I am in love with people I attract.
I am in love with my too-open mind,
With never knowing what I should expect,
With the adventures I get often into
And with the way my heart begins to race.
I am in love with snow in the winter
And with the warmth of sun rays on my face!
In love with funny quotes of Oscar Wilde
And with the gentle sea waves on the sand.
And I'm in love with you if you just smiled
And finished reading this up to the end.