Love Is... Love Is Not...

Love is not just rings and roses,
Love is not just fun and sex,
And the second he proposes,
It gets slightly more complex.
If you think that love is simple,
You are in for a surprise.
Love is laughing at a pimple.
Love is praising any size ;)
Love is smiles instead of winces
While you clean after her dog.
Love is giving up on princes.
Love is falling for the frog.
Love is coming from a banquet
With a belly full of beer
Wishing that you never drank it,
And that neither did your dear.
There’s one bathroom in the house,
Any second you will burst,
But you tell your precious spouse:
“It’s okay, you can go first.”
Love is giving the remote.
Love is hugging every night.
Love is giving her your coat
Even if you had a fight.
Love is laundry, love is dishes,
Love is vacuuming a lot.
Every single couple wishes
Love was simpler but it’s not.
Love is not a fairy tale.
It’s a game without a plan.
But the true love will prevail,
If you give it all you can.