Astrayal Dreams Yearning

             Astrayal Dreams Yearning
                - Message to N. -

...В мутном смраде весеннем огонь мой зачах
Тяжело стало быть инсургентом
И груз черной тоски на усталых плечах
Как мешок с отсыревшим цементом
Что ни встречный, то бездарь, урод или гад
В мире мерзости неистребимой
И печален апрель и теплу я не рад
А печально вдвойне - без любимой...

The spring once again... How I hate it!
This season of slush, mud and shit
I'm sick - there's no point to negate it
'Cause I'm deadly missing my sweet

Where are you, to whom I'm devoted,
My beautiful, dear lady-night?
Remember the world that I quoted?
"Still hope and lust do us unite"

Our lifetime gets shorter and shorter
And you e'en don't answer my calls
My yearning astrayal dreams totter
Amongst the the cold city's blank walls

We long to obtain our true guerdon -
- The freedom of love - but we can't.
I carry the brutal fate's burden
It seems a huge sack of cement

And you... you're again captivated
By your nasty lot I beshrew
Girl, everything kind I created
In poems, was written for you

So, grey-eyed, I don't dare to preach you
The sole earthly faith I profess
But if my rhymed message will reach you,
'Twill maybe assuage my distress