The Daughter of Truth

     To Savitri

She’s walking on along the earth
Outshining all the heaven’s suns,
A child of the Eternal’s birth,
A flower of God-Love in man.

The endless Light is in her eyes
Like promise of the Golden Age
When the undying Sun will rise
And man fulfill his pilgrimage.

The Night retires as she moves
And the dark legions flee away —
She is the daughter of Sun-Truth
And no foe can bear her gaze.

She takes from the Almighty’s lips
The flaming Word, her sword of light
To wake the mortals from their sleep,
To rip the coverings of Night.

She’s singing as she’s walking on
The song of beauty and of bliss,
Chanting the coming of the Dawn,
Awaking God in the Abyss.

And all the anguished grieving world
Turns to the music of her pace;
Hope she brings to beast and bird,
To mortal hearts her endless grace.

And flowers from the dead soil break
Where her delightful feet have trod.
She’s singing, “O, thou, Earth, awake!” —
And in her song rings fiat of God.

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