The Avatar

  Dedicated to Sri Aurobindo

Lo, the Sun-Movement, the Fire-Face!..
The Steed of White — the Flame-eyed Grace!..
Lo, the orbs’ gallop, Space awing —
He’s dashing aglare with stellar wings...

He’s rushing, the dignity of the spheres,
The rampant menace of God’s spears...
The flame, the flight, the might, the light —
His wings outpass all borders tight...
His deeds, his reeds break the bonds’ lead —
Ever beyond gallops His Steed!

His Word — His Sword, so bright in might —
The Star, the Triumph of th’age-long fight,
The doom of Doom, the death of Death —
Crushes in rushes the Night’s buttress,
Creates in flashes the world’s New,
Erects from ashes the World true...

He shines and rhymes with the Words new
Which dissipate the Gloom’s dark crew —
The lightnings of the flaming Dawns,
The Logos lighting of God-Morns!..

The Wings immense, the sun-bright Eyes,
The Knight of Space, God’s nearing us —
The Gift supreme, th’all-mighty Light,
He’s bringing us the Triumph’s flight —

He, the Soul’s victory of might
That breaks the fortress black of Night
That breaks the Evil’s forces rude
Establishing the rule of Good, —

He’ll end the discord and the war,
Into th'Love-Temple build the world
To make His flowers to peep
Where dole and bale would ever weep,
Where the eternal Hell would wail
To blossom His holts’ fairytale,
Where there gloomed the eternal Doom
To light His gardens’ starry bloom,
His gardens’ peacock plume...

The deathless World — the Gift divine,
The timeless Word, the Honey-Wine —
The Immortality’s Flame-Wine,
There streams to us the Life divine! —

His gallop swirls the starry whirls,
His tear full breaks Fear’s rule —
For tears never now to fall,
For that His spears ray their call! —
The Light supreme, the greatest Czar,
There rides the all-true Avatar...

The timeless stream of Love supreme,
The deathless Peace, the dateless Bliss…
The ageless Face, the King of Stars —
The Avatar has stooped to us!

The Victory Day

Ritam — the site of photography & poetry:

The illustration by Ritam based on a photo of Sri Aurobindo, 1918.

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This is a wondrous feast for a spirit…

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Thank you for the great response!

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Quite frankly, I find it difficult to come up with an appropriate response, for your poetry is akin to verses from Bodhicharyavatara…

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