My Love

By Ritam

     The whole World is one Soul-Life,
     And all’s her Mystery of Love…

     All is one Life, one Love, one Soul!
     All is one Love, one Goddess-Soul!

I have fallen in love so hopeless
With the Universe Soul dreamed…
I would send her my lyrics helpless —
To my love no answer gleamed…
Still I’d send her my soul’s song ’n poem —
Still unanswered… Well, all the same… —
As my gift for the world I’d send them,
Not for prize… — No answer came…
Yet a hope in my heart lived daring,
Trusting, knowing, imploring — bold…
And the Universe Heart uncaring
Just got moved one day… All the World,
All the spaces and orbs and comets —
The grand Whole wide-spread, bright-starred
Answered suddenly my poor sonnets —
Sang to me its vast love’s regard! —
Groves and flowers, rivers babbling,
Birds and beasts, wild fields and tracks,
Lightnings flashing and dews star-sparkling,
Fresh-ploughed tillages and haystacks,
Man’s constructions and God’s creations,
Sound and silence, the near, the far,
Men and moths, dawns and constellations,
What I knew and knew not so far,
Winds and rains, seas’ deep surge, peaks’ fastness
And the sky, the Sun— all the World,
All She-Cosmos with all her vastness
All her Love for me sweetly told…
And swept forth by her ardent feeling,
Drawn to me with her Heart, her Flesh,
All her Soul to me revealing,
She all-married us in one Flash…
In her limitless flood profound
With my soul I just sank in love,
Just dissolved in that Bliss unbound,
Just all-spread in that Space alive…
Now all lived, all spoke… Everywhere
Thrilling, breathing, the one Soul-sea,
Love blazed wide, the flame-marvel bare,
And embraced, and just carried me —
Carried me into God unending,
Into vasts of Love’s living Grace,
To adventures and ways extending,
To new marvels’ and kingdoms’ maze,
To new distances — revelations
Ever infinite, ever sweet,
Ever griefless Love’s new creations…
Love, please, all of us there lead! —
All of us enfold with Your Soul,
All admit to Your marvel-grace,
Carry all, call to You the Goal…
Love, clasp all in Your one embrace! …
Love, O Love, grant to all Your kisses —
The all-raptures of Your All-Love,
The sun-touches of Your Light-Blisses,
For we all are Yours, O sweet Love! …
Love, O Love! You alone are there!
You alone animate the World! —
The star-breadths born from nowhere
You could wonder-weave in the Void!
You alone build and fill the spaces,
You alone kindle all the suns,
You, just You fling the planets’ traces —
Love creates the worlds in her dance! …
Love, O Love, You alone are ever,
O, the Soul, the Flesh of all life!
All is You, all is Your chef-d’oeuvre! —
World, You’re Love all-creating Love!


My poem originally written in Russian in April 2011 rendered by me into English.

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