The Era Of Antichrist 27. 12. 14

Epigraph:    "...I wonder who we are now
What we're supposed to do
Each day only shadows comfort me and you
Each day we let it pass and then we die
As dust fall from heaven's fire..."

The useless waiting has its limit
The bowl of patience has its edge
One single prank can overbrim it
And cancel any given pledge

The mental closeness is a fiction
Recurrently I knew it well
It's justified my old conviction -
The rash love has a noxious smell

And if it takes you on a sudden,
No confidence it's to command
The more your genius will harden,
The less you'll suffer in the end

And 'tis this world's disgustful order -
Where Death is only life's result
And e'en the grace conceals malodour,
Your faith and hope must stay occult

So, what we have now altogether?
The thousand widows' grievous whine,
The anguish and the freezing weather
Fit to the inner sense of mine

The truth's mute as the bloodshed rages -
The liars' sway's already come
No matter how you are courageous,
You cannot win the ruling scum

And near - the lair of the nonhumans
Created by the bigots' will
They're all the nasty energumens
Who cripple, rape, enslave and kill

And many souls are to deflower
And many heads to be cut off
This is the mankind's darkest hour
For Evil's free to slay and scoff

Of course, the earth will keep its gyre
When nothing sacred will remain
But while around just hate and ire,
The poet's heart shall break in twain

Heed the infernal engines' clatter?
The reign of Antichrist is here
You still can try make something better
Or die in misery and fear