For 23rd

Do you know what security means?
It is far from what to you it may seem:
It's same as the most passionate sex,
Or a knight in armor battling with axe.
It needs to be strong, in control and in power,
To swipe through the dangers in any of hours,
With quickness of hips an attack to provoke,
Weakness expose and rights to revoke.
It needs to protect all the ones, that we love,
With kindness and tender of freest of doves.
You may wonder: what’s this about?
What is this nonsense, that here I spout?
But here I come with my compliment,
So, please, be patient, be kind and clement:
The guys who are worthy of highest of praise
Are those with the qualities I just conveyed.
They are bold enough to provoke an emotion,
To stir up the passion with slightest of motions,
Yet here they stand as the thickest of walls:
“Protect and to serve – that’s our call!”
Such nice guys, let me tell you, they’re few,
So thank my mom for handing me to you ;)