How we solved a ticket

Coming to my shift at six A.M.
Feeling high spirits - I wanna slam
Spacey halls and empty seats -
This is how begins my week.
My colleague lies buried in grief,
"No files to send" - he awfully weeps.
"Something went wrong without implication,
I don't even dare to predict the reaction
Of angry clients spreading their wrath,
No one for this will pat our heads!"
"Calm down, my friend, we'll raise a VT,
Support is bound to help if we plea".
A ticket is raised in twelve seconds splat,
Not waiting an extra for support to react,
We call them and wake them - we need an assist
And a colleague don't have a way to resist.
He goes to PC, leaving bed's warmth,
He turns it on, then logs in remote.
A quick and observant technician look,
Quite soon reveals a forbidden truth:
"Date has been changed by villain unknown,
No mercy to us will ever be shown,
If we don't work fast,
And ticket won't close".
The work was started and it weren't so easy -
The problem turned out to be a bit cheesy:
Part of the files were processed correctly
But most for Moscow were roughly neglected.
"All of the files should be reloaded
Or we by the clients will be gravely bloated".
Files were snatched out of all systems,
We are good - so we can't miss them.
Suddenly a phone starts ringing:
On the phone - an angry singing.
Clients started waking up,
And most of them are on the spot -
No documents that they can see
They don't get it: "How can that be?"
Trying to calm down the thunder,
We are also not to blunder,
So that we don't make things worse,
And CitiBank will not be cursed.
"Files are being transferred now" -
We send the mail and we say: "Wow!
We are almost out of time!"
Part of day to kill the data,
Part of day to get the data,
Part of day to upload the data,
And just a few of hours later -
Send them finally to Delphi,
So that clients can get wealthy.
We make a few of other calls
To try and break some of the walls,
That application had created,
To sniff out all of those affected,
To think of some of the improvements
And minimize support involvements.
After long and fruity calls,
We do please everyone and all
Now we happily close VT
And we finally have some tea.