Valediction To Teenage. to D. P

      - from the archives -

    To my best friend on his 20-th birthday 15.07.2002. 

The childhood's leaving us too early
As Time conceals the final trail
It's heading for the greenest valley
Which stretches to the fairy tale

It flies above the sacred river
Into the crimson sunset's glow
And then the haze gives us a shiver
Arising from the deep below

Still far beyond the the bright horizon
Our land lies neath the heaven's wings
Its darkened grace is mesmerizing
And yet the nightly north wind sings

What's there to where we are returning?
The Fane of Hope without an age...
But now we feel how every morning
The Book of Life turns one more page

What to a man can give his Twenty?
A way with no right to regret?
Of "future paths" there was a plenty
But just a few were really set.

It's good when Predetermination
Can grant you Love and Trust in God...
Sometimes the dream may bring elation,
Sometimes the outness is too hard

Perception's changed like all around
It is not easy to explain...
A little louder howls the hound
A little stronger hurts the pain...

Along the Road on down the Causeway,
Is anybody by the Cut?
Forget this point. Today's the Birthday
And we'll o'erlook the sad word "but"

The endless questions we must settle
The wise hates what the fool adores
Go forth! And long-live Heavy Metal -
The last receptacle of Force

I'm wishing you to stay my brother
In arms for aye. Not for a while.
One day we'll see our Highest Farther
And let him meet us with a smile