To My Brother In Arms. reprise from year 2000

    - from the archives -

The pulse of life directs your present
The constant action rules your mood
In every theme that seems unpleasant
You can discover something good

The demons of the bygone living
Not ever tried to break your brain
You got the real days to believe in
With no place for the wearing pain

From my pathetic opposition
I maybe should deem that it's strange
And wonder what the secret missions
Conduce to every better change

But I think, taking the suggestion
From destiny, you clearly see
On your way won't appear a question
Such as To be or not to be

And if the ashen doubt is glowing
Under the steadfast upright style,
That man, who bares his soul to no one,
Can face the troubles with a smile

To break throughout is never easy
What we await is but the worst
And you, whose time is always busy,
Must hide away your freedom thirst

Whatever path you'll go tomorrow,
We'll meet again upon our land
The sounding wind of hope we follow
Blows straight from there for us, my friend

So let the glaring syberspaces
Light up the stormy summer night
We'll go by our shadows' traces
And feel the spelling magic flight...

...The moon shall rise above the river
And its thin rays will touch the strings
The Fate of Man's a great deceiver
And -peace- is what SHE seldom brings

I wish you: finish your beginning,
Take all the pleasure Love can give
Obtain a hidden earth-life's meaning
And stay desirous to perceive