Elsa Lanchester

October 28th – Elsa Lanchester’s birthday.  In 2014 there is 112 years since she was born.

Elsa Lanchester – a British actress in film, stage, television.
A character actress, dancer, singer, she fulfilled ambition.
Elsa was known for supporting roles that she played well.
Through talent, determination acting career she’d propel.

Elsa did nightclubs, cabaret, Disney, thriller & horror films.
She knew how to enchant her audience, intrigue & please.
Lanchester was good at comic and dramatic roles or parts.
With her radiant voice & beauty, she touched fans’ hearts.

Elsa showed an illuminating screen presence & versatility,
Courage, devotion, consistent effort, will & responsibility.
With playful, charming, seductive & enigmatic personality
Lanchester had conveyed her bright, unique individuality.

October 28th – birthday of Elsa Lanchester, screen dame,
Who had received a modest recognition, praise, acclaim.
Bright was Elsa’s talent & impeccable was her execution.
To entertainment field she made a valuable contribution.

Copyright©2014 Mila Alper

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