Harpo Marx

November 23rd - Harpo Marx’ birthday.  In 2014 there is 126 years since he was born.

Harpo Marx – a talented comedian, musician, mime.
To find his niche he gradually would decide & deem.
He had engaged in pantomime and acted as a clown.
De-emphasizing weaknesses, he knew not to drown.

For his horn cane he used tape, bulbhorn, lead pipe.
Marx was intuitive where to stay the same or swipe.
Played harp & sang with baritone that’s deep, strong.
Harpo’s conveyed as if nothing had ever been wrong.

Expressive facial mimics communicated messages.
Marx acted mute, as he tended to forget passages.
Without text, he acted freely, using improvisation.
He worked with brothers as a team, collaboration.

Harpo was warm, intelligent, kind, witty & charming.
His entertainment style was magnetic and disarming.
From vaudeville to Broadway to films became reality.
Harpo contributed to Marx Brothers act universality.

November 23rd - birthday of Harpo Marx, comedian.
With musical and acting talents he was succeeding.
Harpo’s portrayed his character with emotionality.
He had achieved acclaim, recognition & popularity.

Copyright©2014 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet