To my first and last virtual beloved 07. 10. 14

I'm ending another sad chronicle's chapter
But don't see a way from the night to the morn
Forlorn I am here with no guide or preceptor
To help me get rid of my old girlfriend Norn*

This autumn puts out my last ritual fire
And in the deep dark all my dreams merge to one
About the sweet lady to whom I'd aspire
If my soul was not by the tragedy wrung

Beloved, you're the muse of the sorrowful stanzas,
The thin thread of gold in the life's tangled clew
I can't say I had many different romances
But truly assured - there were no one like you

For aye in the vanity we're separated -
My anguished call fades in the black fog afar
But maybe, my dear, it's for you I created
My desperate rhymes. So, thank God that you are

 * Норна - богиня судьбы в древнескандинавской мифологии.