Preliminary Sentence 14. 09. 14

When Doom confirms the worst suspicion,
It breaks the last hope to the spalls
The life's reverse is the perdition
The opposite of love is false

The mankind's total degradation
Has incarnated in my ex -
Her care is just the imitation
Her drunken tricks can only vex

And to the real end of my tether
I bore my sweetheart's foolish plea
But now I see: for altogether
Joined on this earth we shall not be

Our passion had the sacral meaning
When 'twas for spite of everyone
Today the filth of being's winning
And all the feelings turn to none

To the distressful, glum conclusion
I've come in my brain's prison cell:
She's no more than the wan illusion
And it's not yesterday befell

The rottenness is the pandemic -
The whole world's dwindled and impure
And not a medic or alchemic
Is known for it effective cure

But though behind the nearest corner
My death may treacherously lurk,
I can't accept myself a goner
Whose muse mourns voiceless in the murk

And what's to say? The Evil's canker
Lies deep within the human souls
The latent unapparent rancour
One black day bursts then kills and mauls...

In love we get the different picture -
The contradictions make us sick
Without the strengths for any stricture
We simply cease to meet and speak

So, thus our cheerless story closes
Its dark light's never to relume
And nobody shall bring the roses
To our affection's dreary tomb...